Thank you for visiting Wild With Style, here is a little bit information about me and my business.

Wild With Style is a children’s boutique located at 66 Ayr Street, Jamestown. You can shop our range of carefully selected children’s products, while enjoying a coffee made by Tahnee from Splendid Co. and the children can play in a magical kids corner. You can also find us as one of the vendors in the lollipop collective pop ups at Westfield Marion and Westfield Westlakes.

Before having my children, I was a qualified beauty therapist and a makeup artist who always had a creative flair. Wild With Style has allowed me to combine my creative personality and my passion for my children. 

I love that I can design and create beautiful handmade clothing, that is both comfortable and stylish. I also carefully select and source stunning items to compliment my handmade items. The range of products allows my customers to create the perfect outfit or nursery space for their little one. 

I am blessed to be able to pursue my dream of staying home with my children and watching them grow while also running my business. This business has been possible because of ongoing support from my friends and family, particularly my husband, Jamie. 

Our three beautiful children Skyla, Nate and Eli, are the main inspiration for Wild With Style. I chose the name Wild With Style as I thought it was the perfect fit for my business. “Wild” refers to the personalities of my three children, and this quote sums them up perfectly.

“Give me the wild children with their bare feet and sparkling eyes. The restless, churning climbers. The wild ones using their outside voices, singing all the way home. Give me the wonder-filled, glorious mess makers dreaming of mountains & mud, aching to run through a field of stars.”

The “With Style” part of the name refers to the ability for children to be able to express themselves through their clothing and accessories that they wear. 

I am continuously working to improve my sewing skills and researching current children’s trends to bring you the best products possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email wildwithstyle@outlook.com

Thank you for your support and for allowing me to continue doing what I love.

Tara x